AyamTech sees design as strategy in action, focused on results. We help our clients envision a better future and get there successfully. We help them leverage design’s power to generate innovative solutions that effect real transformation.

Commercial Office Building Developers

AyamTech Empowering a new workforce: Adaptable, flexible office buildings located in transit-served, mixed-use districts will stand out in attracting tenants.

Today, Class A is a moving target. The category is influenced by the experience of global companies, operating in multiple markets. It’s influenced by a constant flow of new materials and systems that up the ante of performance, and by the human factors that shape demand. We track these trends and bring a world of best practices and deep tenant knowledge to every city and project—a true competitive advantage.

Residential Building Developers

AyamTech Place making is at the heart of our practice. In a world defined by increasing urbanization and globalization, we respond by grounding our projects in the specifics of the local community. The result is authentic settings that relate to their surroundings and engender feelings of home. Our approach is broad and multidisciplinary, encompassing master planning, mixed-use developments with multifamily components, hospitality, and housing for seniors and students. We bring a wealth of market experience to our residential work, delivering smarter and richer experiences that belong to their communities.

Custom homes

AyamTech we Design / Build Firm specializing in modern & contemporary custom homes. We collaborate with the top innovative professionals in the Houston custom home market to bring our clients the best options in homebuilding. Being a Design / Build Firm generally means we get involved at the very beginning of your project. The very early decisions in building are generally the most critical ones and we can provide strategic guidance in lot selection, financing options, home design and finishes. We form our project team early and define the goals of your project, which become the focus of our team throughout the design and construction.

Interior and exterior Design

We specialize in interior design of your home, condo or office. We also work on remodels and new construction as well as exteriors. We use colors that inspire, spaces that flow and textures that intrigue. For us, a successful project means we utilize the available resources to maximize a client’s investment. We bring to every project our unique business model, clear and distinct workflow, dedicated professionalism and proven design savvy.

Our design process begins with discovery: finding out what is and is not working in the existing space. Our goal is to create a unique space that strikes a balance between our client’s wants and needs. In many cases, we identify one or several pieces of inspiration to set the color palate – these could be favorite pieces of furniture, art, heirlooms or photographs. We determine the project parameters, such as budget, timeline, space restrictions or expansion possibilities. We then create different floor plan options and identify key elements which include textures, materials, furniture and other pieces to tie the room together.

We work together with our client to hone selections and to finalize the execution of the plan. From here, we work quickly and seamlessly to transform the concept into reality

Civil and structural

AyamTech provide Civil and structural engineering services with Integrity to both private and public sector clients in the all around the world. Our solutions are consistent with the goals of our clients. We research, develop, and present multiple options if appropriate and help to select the best solution. A partner of the firm manages each project. A qualified team of professionals assists them maintaining the highest standard of customer service. Our clients are assured they are dealing with a decision maker who is keenly aware of the importance of success on each and every project no matter the size.

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